1. "You deserve to be whole. You deserve to remember. And you deserve to live."
    — Katrina Leno, The Half Life of Molly Pierce (via quoted-books)

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    ojai, california. 

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    the naked & famous at the echoplex


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  6. saige in connecticut.

  8. see more of matt wolpe & the bedside romeos. 

  9. my mother & grandmother


  10. the give & the take.

    It is so easy to explain happiness!

    Here, I will show you.

    I am so happy because my book came out on Tuesday. It was the most perfect day. We woke early and S rolled over and said something like, is there anyone in this bedroom that had a book come out today? and I pretended not to know and then he asked again and I still shrugged and it became a sleepy, half-dreamy game we played until I took my phone off the bedside table and saw so many messages, so many emails, so many kind people all emerging from every corner of my life to tell me I have done a good job. I have put something into the world. I have made a thing. I have seen it through to its creation.

    Harder to explain:

    The last thought I had on Monday night, the last thought before I let myself slip off into sleep, was: I have actually made it. I did not die before my book came out

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